Lincoln Youth Soccer Association Rhode Island

Thank you for being part of our fall recreation program.

LYSA is a 100 % volunteer program our volunteers worked hard organizing this fall soccer season.

All coaches have been contacted and been in contact with their teams. We do have several teams without coaches in the U10, U8 and U6 division. If your received a team placement from Coach Mark Donfrancesco, your team does not have a coach. We will have several players form our U 14 and U 16 competitive teams and volunteers on the field to fill the gaps and get the job done on Saturdays. If you are interested in taking over one of the teams, we will have someone at the Lime Acres pavilion all day Saturday.

The SCHEDULES have been post at under the RECREATION tab. Due to registration numbers with the U 16 co-ed and U 13 Girls teams will be play cross-town soccer Cumberland. This works for both leagues to keep kids playing. So, thank you to Cumberland for helping LYSA continue the U 16 co-ed and U 13 girls division.

There has been a lot of concerned parents about their child's playing group. The meaning of the U before the age group UNDER. EXAMPLE, U13, NO ONE THAT TURNS 13 IN 2017 WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY U13. SAME FOR ALL THE OTHER AGE GROUPS. IF YOUR CHILD HAS A LATE YEAR BITHDAY AND TURN 6 IN DECEMBER, THEY ARE IN THE U8 DIVISION.

Parents that are requesting their child to play down in a lower age group due to a late birthday will not be permitted. In the lower divisions we can guarantee that there are also late year birthdays for some players. This is not fair to the younger children in the lower age group.

Thank you to all the people that volunteered their time in organizing and coaching this fall season. Without volunteers we would not have an organization.

Mark Donfrancesco

LYSA President

LYSA’s Fall Recreational Soccer offers a place for novice and experienced players. All players ages 4 through 15, calendar years 2002 - 2013 who register will be placed on a team based on age. 

Teams generally consist of a mix of novice and experienced players. Experienced/competitive players are distributed to ensure an even playing field in the Recreational Season. Teams are assembled with a goal of even player distribution so there is not one “strong” team in any age group. 

Our philosophy for our Recreational season is to create a fun and educational season for all players with an emphasis on “fun”. Our Fall Season starts in late August and runs through late October. Games are all on Saturdays.  

Game and Practice Schedules and Locations are not published until mid August. LYSA graciously accepts the hospitality of the Town of Lincoln, Lincoln School Department and the Lincoln Parks and Rec. Department to use it’s fields for our games. LYSA applies for field permits at the appropriate time and generally receives field permits in mid August. We then develop field and game time schedules and publish them on our website. Registration for our Fall Season is held in May. 

On-line Registration will be made available on our website and payment is accepted on-line (MC/Visa). All players MUST be registered during the registration period and NO late registrations are allowed. We historically have over 500 players every year. We need 8 weeks to organize needed Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Sponsors, order Uniforms and Schedules for these 500 players, 50 teams, 100 coaches and schedule 400 games. Once this is done and teams are built from registered players, it is difficult and unfair to try to add late players. We do allow late players who just moved to town so they can quickly get involved in community activities. 

We do all we can to keep the cost as low as possible. The fee covers player insurance as well as a uniform. Players must provide shin guards and outdoor cleats. Player fees also help pay for equipment, referee fees, first aid kits and alot of ice packs. Again, our goal for Fall Recreational is “FUN”. We hope you can join us!!!! 

LYSA offers Competitive Travel Teams in the Fall in some age groups depending on the number of players and coaches that may be interested in participating.